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Many original fans are in danger of failing and sending a fan blade through a hood or radiator. The club projects committee has secured a small supply of early NOS Jeep fans that fit some cars and had adapters made so the fan can fit other cars. In their fan replacement effort the committee also has secured a supply of reproduction Ford Model "T" fans and re-drilled the mounting holes to fit an additional range of our cars.  Carefully inspect your fan and replace it if any sign of rust or delamination is present.

  • "T" Fan
    "T" Fan
    These fans are reproduction Model "T" fans that have been modified by our WOKR Projects Committee. They will fit 1927 to 1928 Whippet Model 96 cars and are $30.00 each. Fans are shipped with hardware...

  • Jeep Fan
    Jeep Fan
    We were able to locate a supply of NOS Jeep fans that had been manufacured in the early 1950's. The fans are a 15" diameter and have a 1 7/8 bolt circle and need a minimum clearance of 1 7/8". The club has determined that...

  • Jeep Fan Adapter
    Jeep Fan Adapter Kit
    Our club's inquisitive and inventive projects committee determined that the Jeep fan could fit additional cars if a simple adapter was used between the fan and the water pump flange. These adapters change the bolt circle to...