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Nifty Items

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  • Greeting Card - Selection B
    Greeting Card - Selection B
    One of two selections of five greeting cards with envelopes. These are prints of water colors of Willys-Overland vehicles or mascots created by St Augustine, Florida artist Tuni Weiss. Tuni and her husband Jim are members of...

  • Poster: Why The Knight Sleeve-Valve Engine Is Superior
    Sleeve Valve Poster
    Detailed poster illustrating the four cycles of a dual sleeve valve engine.  Poster measures 11" x 17" and is shipped in a tube.

  • WOKR Club Radiator Emblem
    WOKR Club Radiator Emblem
    What a great way to identify you and your car as members of WOKR! This cloisonne emblem is durable and beautifully made. Comes with a machine screw kit to mount it to your radiator.  Many club members have created other...

  • WOKR Lapel Pin - Gold
    WOKR Ladies Lapel Pin - Gold
    This attractive lapel pin was custom made for our club. Worn as a lapel pin or hat pin, it adds an attractive club identifier to your apparel.

  • WOKR Logo Umbrella
    WOKR Logo Umbrella
    Have you ever attended a national or chapter meet that didn't have too much sun or had at least one rainy day?  This is just what you need! Our high quality black and gold umbrella stands out in a crowd, and helps other...