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CD's & Downloadable Documents.

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WOKR is now able to offer collections of documents on CDs or as a download. If you purchase a downloadable option, you will receive a link which will contain the collection file. You will have to copy it to your hard drive. The link will be available for seven days from the date of purchase. Both of these options represent a significant saving to our members over bound paper copies. If you prefer paper copies, they are still available as individual items. WOKR requests that you resist the temptation to "share" electronic documents you obtain from the club.

  • The Starter CD
    The Starter CD
     When serving as Starter editor, Denny Freeston scanned the back issues of Starters published since the beginning of the club. The scans are in jpg (photo) format. The set of two CD's contains every issue of the...

  • Descriptions & Specifications - Overland & Willys Vehicles 1902-1955
    Descriptions & Specifications - Overland & Willys Vehicles 1902-1955
    This CD contains a compilation of detailed specifications of cars produced by Willys-Overland. They are in "Word" files based on year ranges. These files contain dates of production, running changes, and many details that...